The ICL 7502 Modular Terminal System_

A web resource dedicated to the memory of one of the unsung heroes of British computing. Computers in the 1970s were high-tech and sexy, and very large, but no matter what the application was someone had to type data in so that it could be processed. Mainframe computers could not pay attention to such humble tasks, so it was devolved to smaller computers whose life revolved around key-depressions, characters on screens and audible data bits on telephone lines. The 7502 was not the first, but for a decade it was in the front line of computer networking, and because it didn't do any processing for a user it was disregarded and largely forgotten - until someone was mad enough to revive an ICL 'New Range' 2966 mainframe and wanted to talk to it...........

Anyone, whatever their involvement, who has memories of the ICL 7500 systems should feel free to contribute memories or information to the author of this site. And if you have any documentation or hardware stashed in a loft or garage, PLEASE consider sharing it.

I must also acknowledge the colleagues who taught me so much during my time at ICL and Letchworth Development Centre. They know who they are: NPG, SRS, BJC, NB, MG, NR, AK, FK, CH, SP and RH, but particularly the late John Sutton, my team leader, who passed away so suddenly after emigrating to Canada in the early 1980s.

This is a work in progress, and it is hoped that it will be expanded when pictures of the units are possible. Until they are mentioned explicitly, I hope that recent correspondents will accept my thanks here for their assistance.

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