The ICL 7502 - Ephemera_

Not many bits of a 7502 system were suitable for re-use in hobbies mode, which was a shame as keyboards were extremely expensive back in the 1980s. The 7561/1 VDU was a straightforward monitor, quite at home with composite video input. The improved 7561/2 had an interlaced scan and was quite useless. The early model of VDU can always be recognised by its tacky, aluminium brightness control.

7561/1 VDU working as a monitor unit for home micro
Child labour in the IT mines.......
A 7561/1 VDU in use as a monitor attached to a home-built SC84 microcomputer.
7500 Instruction set reference 7500 Instruction set reference
The official reference data card... ...note the 80-column form-factor