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CAREER REVIEW: Jonathan Iain Wilkins, BSc, MSc, FGS

Geologist (2002 to date)
X-Ray Mineral Services Ltd.

  • Practice and data analysis of geological materials by x-ray diffraction (powders and orientated clays).
  • Development of novel procedures for sample preparation and analysis - spray-drying and standardless quantification.
  • Supervision of chemical analysis by x-ray fluorescence.
  • Maintenance of the company IT network, instruments, workstations, email and web services.
  • Support Engineer (1994 - 2001)
    Robertson Geologging Ltd.

  • Specified, tested and supported Windows-based software for controlling, recording and processing of data from wireline logging systems.
  • Supported the world-wide community of RG logging system users.
  • Trained users of wireline logging systems.
  • Commissioned logging systems on-site in various UK and overseas locations.
  • Contributed to ISO 9000 Quality Manual relating to software development and test procedures.
  • Wrote user manuals for logging systems, sondes and processing software.
  • Maintained the company IT network, workstations, email and web sites.
  • Software Development Engineer (1987 - 1994)
    Robertson Geologging Ltd.

  • Implemented PC-compatible logging system software.
  • Implemented software for data export in LIS and LAS formats.
  • Supported the world-wide community of RG logging system users.
  • Trained users of wireline logging systems.
  • Relevant Experience:

  • Acquisition of a range of wireline logs for minerals and geotechnical investigations.
  • Sonde calibration and theory of operation including gamma, gamma-gamma, neutron-neutron, electric, sonic, spectral gamma, flowmeter, dipmeter and optical/acoustic imaging.
  • Image data processing and analysis for structural interpretation.
  • Maintenance of networked PC systems, hardware and software.
  • Implementation of webspace, domain name registration and transfer.
  • Bespoke computer software design and implementation.
  • Professional Information:

  • Fellow of the Geological Society of London.
  • MSc Geochemistry, Leeds University, 1978.
  • BSc (Hons) 2(i) Earth Sciences and Chemistry, Leeds University, 1977.
  • Member of the Geologists' Association, London.
  • Founder and chairman of the Geologists' Association, North Wales Local Group.