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The North Wales Geology Association was established in 1994 to act as a focus for geologists in the North Wales area, to focus attention on the geology of North Wales and to promote the understanding of Geology within North Wales. However, we are not parochial and draw upon the rich international experience of our members, amateur and professional, to create a wide-ranging programme of events.

It is a branch (Local Group) of the Geologists' Association, an organisation that has existed for almost 150 years promoting the cause of the informed amateur geologist.

Meetings are held along the North Wales Coast area on a monthly basis, indoors during the Winter and outdoors as appropriate during the Spring and Autumn. We also co-operate closely with the North Wales branch of the Open University Geological Society, whose meetings are primarily field-based.

This site is under construction (or is it orogenesis?) so please be patient if the links don't link yet. It is also impossible to create a worthwhile resource in a weekend, so please come back and see how the site is growing. We want the web site to complement our Newsletter, and to evolve into a useful resource.

Please help us by contacting us with your suggestions, criticism, or even articles for inclusion.