The Ampyx Cactus Centre

The Cactus of the Month feature has illustrated quite a number of easily-grown cacti over the months, and this page is an index to those that have appeared. Notes on the plant and its requirements adjoin the image. Please note that the copyright on all images and cultural notes is retained by Jonathan Wilkins.

Cleistocactus samaipatanus Cleistocactus Gymnocalycium bruchii Gymnocalycium Mammilaria microhelia Mammilaria
Parodia mutabilis Parodia Rebutia marsoneri Rebutia Weingartia hediniana Weingartia
Aporophyllum 'Sussex Pink' Epiphytes Faucaria tigrina' Succulents

The experts among you may notice an entirely accidental bias towards plants which are native to South America. This is something which has arisen because these plants are probably more tolerant of the conditions which prevail in my greenhouse - a form of self-selection in the Darwinian sense (those that didn't like it died out). It is not a deliberate policy, and does not arise from an attempt to shun plants from the 'Land of the Free' (or Mexico).